Saturday, February 19, 2011

dear world,

i have a few complaints concerning you.

first, may i say that your so called "commercials" last night left me writhing. Seriously, so cheesy all i needed was some chips. And that is why i only watch Young Justice, Star Wars, and Ben 10 on cartoon network on friday night. and i don't watch tv any other day either. this is why. and honestly, i'm about ready to forget Ben 10 and move on.

secondly, your little inappropriate "humor" last night that thankfully went over my little brother's heads was not at all necessary. honestly, you know that there are going to be kids under 10 watching this channel, could you please be a little more sensitive to the - stuff - you are putting into their heads? maybe?

and last but not least, i would like to include a little note to our internet provider, Comcast.

Dear comcast,

i am not thrilled with you at all. would you please consider actually doing what we pay you to do and actually providing our internet service? thanks.