Wednesday, March 2, 2011


yep, i have started doing yoga and i must admit that i am a fan ;] it isn't like other workouts or exercise techniques, it's gentle, calming, and cool! people say it has really changed their lives. I think that if you do yoga, it can help to "realign your body", in a certain way, but that's as far as I'm going to go with the "changing your life" theory. once they get into the "glowing light flowing through your body, making you healthier, with better habits, and a better lifestyle", i usually hold the position, but i mute my computer and put on my "Hobbit Theme" music ;] it does really make you feel great, stretching and strengthening, but the spirituality thing is nuts. REALLY NUTS. if you ever buy a yoga book, buy on that i specifically for poses, and then it's a good idea to skip the introduction or prologue or whatever :P

i can't really find a yoga dvd that i like, one that isn't just Beginners, but I'm not quite ready for some of the harder Intermediate yoga poses. Any suggestions? Right now I've made up my own routine, but i would like a dvd or something like that. They have some stuff on YouTube, but still, I'd rather get it off Netflix or something.

And there's another thing: I can't stand the yoga instructors that are trying to be calm and soothing with their voice and fail miserably; especially the men. you know you've heard those voices that try to be nice and calm and soothing, but in your ears the voice sounds worse than something grating on metal, yeah, i can't stand that.

I would also like a yoga program that gives more attention to abs. i got a yoga dvd in the mail from Netflix, and I am sending it back today. Grating on metal voice from a male instructor, two interesting instructors for the poses, it mostly centered on legs, and they got into the "streaming light" stuff. ick.

so if anyone reads this and has any suggestions, please comment! thanks!

dear world...

dear world,

you are back on my good side as you have provided a tie-dye background on blogger.

thank you.

(P.S. i posted a bit on the much ado about writing page or whatever it's called. I may rename that....)