Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey guys, I've been really busy and I'm really sorry about every thing, not being able to update or do the devotion for this week. we've been really busy and were out of town this weekend. I've so busy that I've not had time to get on here to tell you that I wasn't going to be able to do devotion last week!

Well I'll try to do the devotion soon.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Party on!

Last night was my b'day party and it went pretty well. Every one had lots of fun and made lots of cupcakes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'll try to get more pictures of Ella on here soon, we're really busy and every thing. Tomorrow is my party! I'm really excited.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ella and my aunt are in the house!

Ella and my aunt came back with us! Yay!


So I've found a pet that I would, that I would, well nothing comes to mind, but I'm dying for a hamster. Yes I want a pet hamster. And if I save up my money it won't be long before I can get one. My mom wants to get one just as bad as I do, but my dad is still thinking on it, for responsibility reasons. You can't blame him, I mean, I've never owned a pet of my own before, but I think I'll get my hamster.


Ok, so my b'day party is this weekend and I'm so EXCITED! We are going to have so much fun!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthdays all around!

Ok, so today is the last day that we have the girls here and I will try to very, very soon post the pictures of the things that we made this week. Ok (I like to use that word allot) I told you that we are going to my Aunt's house for Ella's B'day party and so we are leaving right now to go. And guess what! It'll be my b'day in 4 days! And me and Ella are basically having the same kind of b'day. Cupcake. They'll be just eating them at her b'day and we'll be making decorating them! ( I hope you see this Angel!) That's my friend that comments allot on my blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ha ha ha! Ha!

We got back with the girls a few minutes ago and we're all settled in. I 'll use Nick's camera if I have to, but I will get pictures. I promise.<<< ( and if I on accidently 4get, no 1 can hold me up to it! Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

I'm running out of luck

I just decided to try on the winter set (1st post) that I crochet ( without a doll in the house) and it doesn't fit. : I

Friday, July 4, 2008

So Sad

We still don't have any pictures and I wish I had my camera. : [

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ok, so now we're at the girls house and I made this really super cute pencil holder. It's crocheted and it has hot pink and light pink stripes. So we get here and I take out the camera to take a picture to post it and the screen is black and white, and it's like when your TV is on the channel that doesn't exist and makes that 10 times louder than the volume will go kind of sound; well the screen looked like that, but it didn't make that noise. (Thank heavens!) But it doesn't feel like the screen is broken. So I go to my dad and he says that it's the crystals inside the screen! So now I have a broken camera! So maybe this week I'll have a post on how much fun it was to take apart a digital camera! Ha ha ha!



This is a better picture of Gus as a big boy.

Cupcake Invitation

This is a very cute cupcake! Definitely not edible though! It's a invitation and it couldn't be easier. What you do is you take a 2 and 3/4 by 2 and 5/8 inch piece of paper for the bottom of the cupcake and a 4 by 2 and 1/4 oval for the top. Out of the same material as the bottom of the cupcake and cut 1 side with decorative scissors. For decoration use felt circle or pop-dot sticker. And............

??Huh?? /: 0

Jack, by happenstance found my camera and there's a lot of pictures of his room and weird random stuff; but this is really actually kinda good. So this is my Dad!

Adios Amigos!

Ok! wer'e leaving to see the girls! Bye!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pictures and Doodles

Ok. Here are some pictures of drawings and doodles that I have drawn.

This picture was drawn to give to one of my great grandmothers; but as you can see, it never made it to her house.

This girl was created by me cutting out a girl from a coloring book in this pose and laying her down on a piece of paper and tracing her. Then what I did was I drew in the face and did the hair the way I wanted to do it and.......... the result to the right is pretty good!

This is one that I did on the road, not sure if it's the same time as the one above ^ ; but it is from on the road. This one is made from circles of fabric glued together.

This is another one of the drawings I did in the car that time. Her name is Gigi.

I went through a phase a long time ago that one of the only things that I wanted to do was draw characters ( mostly ballerinas) in pen and marker. And this was one of them.

This on I drew when I was at my grandparents; not the ones I spent the past week with, no the other grandparents. Anyway, she's just kinda a fancy doodle.

This a cute fairy that I'm writing a story about; that is, if I can ever find the piece of paper that I started to write it on. I'll post it when I finish.

I just yesterday figured out that you could rotate pictures, this was going to go with the fourth of July post. But since that didn't happen, I decided to show it in here.
I was looking at a magazine and it had a drawing of a cartoon girl and I copied it, but my mom said that it looked to much like it to put it on here. So I took the features of the girl that I liked and did it as a different girl........

This is one I drew from inspiration from a cup at a pizza place. When I got home I drew her, and I said it was good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is so rare! Ok, so I was going down stairs and I see them in there so I quickly push the button down half-way on my camera and then peek it around the wall and press it down the rest of the way and - TADA!!!!!


This is Gus as a big boy. ( I took this photo today.)

This is Jack, my youngest brother. Nick is the middle child. Jack is 4, and Nick is 9. Jack is playing some video game, taking the time to smile. With Nick that's impossible. As soon as you pull out a camera and aim it his way he will do anything to stop you; pull something over his head, your head, anything. Anyway, isn't he CUTE!
Happy 3 days until the 4th! We are planning on going to our friend's house that live about 3 hours away from us for the 4th. They have two little girls: one 8, one 5. We are going to bring them back with us and they are going to spend the week with us, just them. The week is going to be filled with crafts, giggles, and fun. I will definitely take TONS of pictures to show you. I am so excited! Fireworks, enjoyable trip, FUN FUN FUN!!! And on Thursday we take them back, on our way to Ella's! The fun never ends!!!