Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ok, so now we're at the girls house and I made this really super cute pencil holder. It's crocheted and it has hot pink and light pink stripes. So we get here and I take out the camera to take a picture to post it and the screen is black and white, and it's like when your TV is on the channel that doesn't exist and makes that 10 times louder than the volume will go kind of sound; well the screen looked like that, but it didn't make that noise. (Thank heavens!) But it doesn't feel like the screen is broken. So I go to my dad and he says that it's the crystals inside the screen! So now I have a broken camera! So maybe this week I'll have a post on how much fun it was to take apart a digital camera! Ha ha ha!


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Angela said...

Hope you are able to get your camera fixed soon! I hate not having a camera!

If it makes you feel any better, I've had 4 cameras in three years.

My first one I broke when I fell up an escalator in Spain.
The second one had a run in with a puddle. (puddle won)

The third one died for no good reason. (Melody was able to get it fixed later on and now she has it)

My fourth one my best friend accidentally threw away when we were in Roswell, New Mexico.