Thursday, April 29, 2010

my name

on a post on My Name is Not King, bella told what her name meant and how she got that name [which is a really cool story, btw], then asked what other people's names meant. here is my comment~

my full name is Katherine, but i go by Katie and usually sign it just Kt. My middle name is Rae, my Aunt's middle name (which she goes by) and that name, while it is fitting, has not brought me 'great joy'. although i do get my singing voice from her ( i LOVE to sing too!), i also got my gracelessness (probably not a word, but...) from her. this is why both my brother and my mom say that i'm 'grace in training.' and then my brother adds that i'm never gonna get out ;]

then afterwards

btw~ Katie and Katherine both mean PURE, which I think is cool ;]

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