Thursday, May 27, 2010

a little thing......

i got this from my Meme's house and i thought i'd share it. my Aunt made this, it's a little pill bottle filled with cute little sayings and advice! and the bigger jar is a little game i made up, for when the blue moon arrives, i must clean my room! so i made a little game out of it. i just put the different parts of my room, [ desk, left side of bed, closet...] and such on paper and pick one from the jar. but i decided to turn it into the place i put the quotes i've already read. it said 'Savings' ~which didn't last long~ i turned it into 'Sayings' ;]

[P.S.~ check out my little brother, Nick's, new blog that i'll blog on sometimes too!!!]

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Kelley said...

blue moon? hmmmm.... very cute, chica!