Saturday, March 27, 2010

good side; bad side

makin a sweater for a friends baby: will post pics later today! i am almost done with it!! yay!! it's small, newborn size, so i whipped this baby up pretty quick!! { no pun intended} it's soo cute! it's the 'zane's coming home sweater' from the book '101 designer one-skein wonders'. sooo many good ides and patterns in that book! i also made the 'blanket bunny' for the baby too, sooo yummy! will post pics soon as i'm done!

also, did anyone watch the Harriet the Spy: Bog Wars last night? i did and thought it rocked! there aren't many {hardly any} disney movies that are good and appropriate these days, but i read the book a long time ago, and saw the first movie, so i watched it. i loved it! she reminded me of myself a lot {not that i'm going to lie to anyone and go to crazy extreme lengths to convince people that it's true, no way!} but i am a writer, i have a blog {which i don't see why she couldn't just make one of her own; then again, i guess she wanted that one so that certain people were sure to read it} and i like to observe tiny things about people, though i don't actually write them down in a notebook marked PRIVATE :/ . it was really good. and i thought starstruck was good when it wasn't being cheesy as a grilled cheese, which was quite often, and also, i found that you knew what was gonna happen. but i sat down and watched it both times it came on; i was bored and wanted something new to watch, and it was amusing enough. don't get me wrong, i liked it! but it's not in my top 10 favorite movies of all time.

and also, what is it with disney and lying?! i saw a flair on fb that said 'camp rocks motto: it's ok to lie as long as you can sing', which, if you think about it, is pretty on the dot. and i don't like how in harriet she lied and it was brushed aside so easily. lying isn't some little tiny thing people, it's still sin and it's still bad. lying viewed from that kind of perspective makes me sick. :#

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