Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what i came up with while fixing jack lunch. yup...

The Lunch-time Taunters
~kt stevens

I hate jelly. It taunts me. When I put it on the sandwich, its inconsistencies jeer at me. That is why if I fix a sandwich, it is meat, cheese, or just plain peanut-butter. Not jelly.

The same with milk. Not just any milk, no, I don't hold a grudge against all milk-kind. Just whole milk. It's thick, creamy consistency taunts me by saying, "You know you don't want to pour me, but you must. You must." That is why I drink skim milk. That and because whole milk tastes revolting to me.

But, unfortunately, making the typical lunch of my 6-year-old brother; a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of whole milk, require me to face my taunters. So I suck it up, endure the taunting, and life goes on.

And apparently I'm the only ones with these issues.......

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