Friday, March 5, 2010


i tend to start alot of projects at once and don't finish one of them.... does anybody else have that problem? my mom says it's craft ADD ;]


Isabella Kiss said...

thanks for the comment on my blog katie! nice to meet you!
and on the topic of crafting "disorders" i have what i refer to as craft (or just any project) OCD where i start something and HAVE TO finish it as soon as i possibly can because it is all I can think about.
guess we are kinda opposites in that way :)

Katie Stevens said...

haha, i guess so! i get soo excited on a project {i have learned to chose 'short' projects to avoid this; like hats} and then i get another idea for another project. i'm not kidding, i can't STAND to work on the same project for a long time. kills me. and i could give you plenty of examples.... haha, thanks for commenting and i love your blog! ;]