Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a little scenario that occured today.....

so i'm in my room and jack comes to the door and says i'm 'prettiful'. i say 'why thanks!' and he comes into my room. i tell him he has to get out (my room is off limits to boys~ everyone knows that). he sighs and says okay. it's NEVER that easy. so i look at him. THE CON-ARTIST!!!!! THE LITTLE RAT IS MAKIN' OFF WITH MY STUFF!!!! so i tackle him grab the thing ( it happened to be about a 1 1/2 inch ball of yarn that fit inside his fist perfectly) and send him out.

Why are things NEVER that simple?
For the next 15 minutes he wouldn't go away. he would come in and say 'your SOOO prettiful' ( i had learned that trick by now; NOT gonna happen.)

but i couldn't keep a straight face as he would come in say 'you're SOOO beautiful'-which didn't get me by the way, it was this


Sooo, that went on fro a while, then i went and told my mom and when i came back, he was gone!

so i sat down at the computer and was then drained of half my life when he jumped out from behind the bed and scared me to death.

he was quickly ushered to the door and we again begun the 'you're so prettiful' and 'the look'. 5 minutes past and i had an idea after he said ' you're the most cutest girl in the world' (mind you it was the mocking tone that he said it in that made it easy to resist.)

i said 'i'm gonna tell Annie you said that."

that was all. didn't even say it in any special tone or way or with a look. in fact he was on the other side of the door at that particular moment, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway if i had given him a look or not.

but it did the job.

he quickly stopped in the middle of a ' you're so beautiful' and cut in with a 'PLEASE DON'T!!!!!'

those of you who have seen annie and jack together will know what i'm talking about ;]


mhewatts said...

bwahahaha. nice trick to know. when all else fails attack at that little soft spot near the heart(like the dragon from the hobbit!)

kt stevens said...

yup! new strategy! mwahahaha! { and every once in a while he checks w/ me to make sure that i'm 'really not gonna tell annie?'